How to Start Reading Al Qu’ran Kerim Without Embarassement

‘Rush’ and go Arabic 🙂

Between Sisters, SVP!

Assalamu Aleikum Dear Bloggers,


How many of us were taught many surahs when we were children and the arabic alphabet along without really teaching us the way to actually read them in the Qu’ran?

I can say that I am one. Learning the arabic alphabet is like learning how to ride a bicycle; in short, you never forget it because it sticks to your head because of the melody that was used to remember it.

This was my luck! In the last three years with my hectic schedule that is less busy now, I have been slowing reading the Surahs that I know and I feel awesome! 🙂 I can honestly say that in the past the only arabic I could read besides the alphabet (with Fat-ha, Dhamma, and Kas-ra) of course were Allah and Muhammad Rasoulloulah.


This is what I did:

– Jumble up the letters and be able to identity them not in order (because we know them by…

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