To all you reverts brothers and sisters out there and those thinking about convering insha’Allah :)


A Guide to Salaat and Deen for Revert Muslims

Between Sisters, SVP!

Assalamu aleikum Dear Ummah,

It’s very hard to swallow the fact that we cheer and praise when a non-Muslim revert to Islam but most of time we don’t help them know the way to perform salaat amongst other things. This post may help Muslim born as well who don’t practice Islam but would like to start. It can also be helpful to teaching children.


(Picture from American Muslim Memes) It’s funny but true :/

It’s very easy to become Muslim. You recite the shahada in front of witnesses and you’re IT! However, without a proper integration mechanism, these converts are left on the sidelines and easily forgotten by the Ummah that rejoiced when they took the oath. That said, it’s also the responsibility of the revert to find the knowledge and our Ummah should facilitates that process for them.

As a revert, below are some of the basics you need to…

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My Quran Project

Between Sisters, SVP!

Assalamualeikum dear bloggers,

So where am I with this project? Well, early this year, I wrote this post But I started my journey a little earlier than that; 2011 to be precise. Slowly, I made small progress along the way and today I can read in the Quran masha’Allahwith a few difficulties. But I’m not easily discouraged, and I take it as a great privilege that I can read somethingin thisNoble Book. I am also happy I saw this day because of this hadeeth-sherifbelow, masha’Allah.


With curveballsyear-roundand mundane distractions we face as Muslims in these times, it’s a challenge to stay on track and realize all our Ibadatgoals. I recently saw somewhere on a post that we are modern daymartyrs and I agree. I think I am going to start using that word 😉 . So, as a ”modern day martyr”, it took me a while to finally read…

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How to Start Reading Al Qu’ran Kerim Without Embarassement

‘Rush’ and go Arabic 🙂

Between Sisters, SVP!

Assalamu Aleikum Dear Bloggers,


How many of us were taught many surahs when we were children and the arabic alphabet along without really teaching us the way to actually read them in the Qu’ran?

I can say that I am one. Learning the arabic alphabet is like learning how to ride a bicycle; in short, you never forget it because it sticks to your head because of the melody that was used to remember it.

This was my luck! In the last three years with my hectic schedule that is less busy now, I have been slowing reading the Surahs that I know and I feel awesome! 🙂 I can honestly say that in the past the only arabic I could read besides the alphabet (with Fat-ha, Dhamma, and Kas-ra) of course were Allah and Muhammad Rasoulloulah.


This is what I did:

– Jumble up the letters and be able to identity them not in order (because we know them by…

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