The Ducktrinors: Reading the Past from the Future (A Review By Tohib Adejumo)

Front cover the DucksReviews are works of literature that critics use to tell people about books. They give the summary of the book, praise some aspects of it – if they like it, or criticize both the writing and the writer to the tee should they find it unlikeable, and then give their overall take on the work. Well, in the next two to four paragraphs, I will be doing a literary exercise akin to a review on Papatia Feauxzar’s The Ducktrinors, but without all the formalities.

Let’s start.

See, I like the book. The characters are so real even though the book is a sci-fi. Yes, you heard it right. A Muslim fiction not talking about marriage and divorce, but telling of a future, which may not be as far from us as we might like to think. The book tells of a future, a time of anarchy, of oppression, of immorality, of a point where people of faith are pushed to the fringes – no scratch that –a time when they are pushed away from identifying with their faiths. But, in this time, there are few people willing and itching to restore sanity back to the world, and that’s where Hanifa, Our Heroine, comes in.

Oh yes, I love that Hanifa girl. Feauxzar sure knows how to make out a perfect character through making her full of zeal, brain, wisdom, and imperfections. The girl is on a mission, but the mission doesn’t turn her into an angel. Although Hanifa is living in the days of utter moral decadence and she’s devoting all of herself to battle the incubators of these wayward lifestyle, the Seculars, she’s still a young woman with fantasies, crushes, and… well, go read yourself!

Okay, these are the three things I like most about the book:

·         The characters: They’re not extra-ordinary Muslims without pitfalls. Rather, they’re Muslims struggling like every other Muslim. And on top of that, they’re on a mission. Once again, Hanifa, you will fall in love with her. And you’re sure to like Dawud, the young spy and master of technology, too.

·         The Subtle Mirror: The book is set in the future with a mirror of nostalgia. This shows the brilliance of Feauxzar. She makes the book inform us in subtle ways how problems such us sectarianism and group mentalities can be handled through a sneak into the future.

·         The Déjà vu:  Yes, you can read the battle of Badr from the story. When you see the characters in action, you’re quickly thrown back in time, and you experience a double connection – reading the past from the future.

The Ducktrinorsis the first of its kind in the realm of Muslim fiction, and it is a powerful, poignant, and compelling one. Feauxzar has given us a wonderful, insightful, and interesting work of fiction to enjoy and give to our young ones. They – young ones – will be able to get a kick out of the sci-fi of the fiction and lessons out of the signs of the Last Day embedded in it. And oh, lest I forget: you can remove a romance writer from romance fiction, but you cannot remove romance fiction from her, so while the fate of the thenummah may be resting on the shoulders of  Hanifa Ducktrinor, there may still be time for, well, a tiny bit of romance…


~Tohib Adejumo is a Nigerian blogger and the author of Love in Ramadan. He spent most of his childhood and adolescent years inIbadan, Nigeria where he attended Ad-Din International School. He graduated from Government College, Ibadan in 2009 and he holds a degree in Liberal Arts from Borough of Manhattan Community College. He is currently a baccalaureate scholar at Hunter College of the City University of New York where he focuses on Socio-Cultural Psychology and African History and Politics. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.~


The Ducktrinors : Malik, Book 2. Cover Sneak Peek!

The Ducks 2.jpg

To be a scholar, you must have ilm-knowledge, amal-obedience to Islam do and don’ts, and ikhlas-doing everything only to please Allah subhana wa ta ala. Malik Ducktrinor knows this. Since childhood, he has always striven for a steadfast faith so that he could perform a keeramat. Thus, he learned the deen and took his connection to His Creator seriously. Will he be able to save the day at the Battle Of The Stadium in Book 1? Read to find out!

Coming December 2016 Insha’Allah.

In the meantime, you can read The Ducktrinors: Hanifa, Book 1 here .

Ayesha Dean: The Istanbul Intrigue

Ayesha Dean: The Istanbul Intrigue is the debut novel of Melali Lum. Melati Lum is a multiracial Australian Muslim Lawyer. Her protagonist, Ayesha Dean, loves good food, solving mysteries, traveling, books, and good friends.

The Istanbul Intrigue is a very fast young adult read I really liked. It was the kind of mysteries you would normally read in a Nancy Drew’s series. I has a lot of cliffhangers and it’s engaging as well. I hardly put it down and I read it in less than 8 hours! It was nice to see such a brave character who loves connecting dots. It also reminded me a little bit of the movie The Librarian with some of the vocabulary.

So what’s this YA book about?


Ayesha and her friends Sara and Jess jump at the chance of accompanying Ayesha’s uncle on a trip from Australia to Istanbul. But when Ayesha discovers a mysterious note as a result of visiting an old bookshop, their relaxing holiday starts to get a whole lot more complicated! Ayesha finds herself trying to uncover a hundred-year-old Ibn Arabi mystery, while trying to avoid creepy villains, and still making sure that she gets to eat the best doner kebab Istanbul has to offer.It’s all in a day’s sleuthing when you’re Ayesha Dean.  Lucky she can count on her best friends to always have her back!

The book is not preachy at all. It has sprinkles of Arabic words that are very common knowledge these days like hijab. Anyone who is still a child at heart can enjoy it because the plot is not religion based but about clues and crime solving. I recommend it to anyone who wants to travel to Turkey without having to buy a ticket to go there. It certainly took me back to my trip there a few years ago. Read it here if interested.

You can find out about Melati Lum on her website.

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A Call To All Young Adult Readers*

Assalamu aleikum-Peace be unto you,


I’m calling upon young adult readers between 10 and 20 years old to read and review “The Ducktrinors: Book 1” on Amazon!

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Papatia Feauxzar

Book Review – The Ducktrinors by Papatia Feauxzar

A fellow blogger’s thoughts! 🙂 xx

My Journey with Hijab

So I am here with my first book review on WordPress.The Ducktrinors book

Recently finished reading the book ‘The Ductrinors ’ from Papatia Feauxzar,  if you remember I did a post about her book launch few weeks back.

Papatia is a published author of many novels, You can also find her on wordpress ( .

Recently she started with her novel series,The Ductrinors ,  Book 1  Hanifa  is the first in this series.

The novel revolved around a  young female protagonist Hanifa, a day dreamer who wants to save the world from evil people. She is strong and determined woman who proves herself a great leader as the novel advances. The opening of the novel was interesting and holds the reader’s curiosity about characters and their history as each of them get introduced slowly in the book. The story is set in future era with use of technology at…

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The Ducktrinors – Book Review and Giveaway by Muslim Mummy

The Ducktrinors – Hanifa Book 1Muslim mummy
Author: Papatia Feauxzar
Publisher: Djarabi Kitabs Publishing

Hanifa, the cadet of the Ducktrinor family, is a courageous young Muslim living in a time where practicing her religion is hard. She wants to be the Courageous and Coreishy woman she dreams of every day. Will she succeed in her quest to find a lost cave while teaching her religion to others willing to listen?


The Ducktrinors is a book which made me think about whether I like it or not as it is so different from my usual reads and touches delicately upon some subjects which can be considered ‘taboo’ in some Muslim communities.

The book is based on the future where practicing the Muslim faith is a struggle and the world is ruled by the seculars. They seem to have no real morals and to practice your faith is dangerous, practicing your religion in open means you are persecuted and potentially killed.

Along with some editing errors and grammer issues, I must admit I was initially confused as to what was going on at times. Some of the scenes could have had a bit more depth or explanation but that could just be me as an adult reader – the book is aimed at the younger teenagers. But it did all start making sense as the book went on.

One thing that could potentially concern parents is the sexual references within the book and I feel as a Muslim Mummy blog it is important to touch upon this in my review to give an overall view of the novel. The seculars pretty much walk around naked expect for small bits of cloth covering their modesty. Party’s mentioned within the novel hint  at sexual liasons. When one of the ‘baddies’ is captured he comments; ‘You smell very good, and your breast pressed on my back is exciting me.’

However, it is clear throughout the novel that Hanifa and other Muslim characters hold the seculars way of life in contempt. And if you are being realistic our children can be exposed to worse sexual references and images in day to day life. At least throughout this novel you have Islamic references, and it shows Hanifa not just as a Muslim but also as a human who can have feelings for others; which isn’t wrong but needs to be kept in check to prevent sinning and haraam. Which she does.

The Ducktrinors is a bit of a mix; sci-fi, romance, crime. I have read many sci fi books over the years and always found them very imaginative. Papatia has brought in many believable but imaginative futuristic elements to the novel.

Hanifa is a likeable heroine ( I see a bit of myself in her!)  and you find yourself willing her to win the battle against the seculars. I love the fact that  the leader in the battle against the seculars is Hanifa; a female rather than a male.

I look forward to finding out what else happens in the rest of the series


I have one signed copy of The Ducktrinors to give away to one of my readers.


Open Worldwide
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Munna, Baba & Me-Review of The Ducktrinors


Book Review & Giveaway!!


I had the honour and the ultimate pleasure to read and review sister Papita’s (Djarabi Kitabs Publishing and A Ducktrinor Mom) YA fiction novel “The Ducktrinors”. It’s a series of novel with the first book just out.

I have to say I can’t remember the last time I didn’t put down the book without finishing it! The plot is captivating and a fascinating mix of sci-fi, mystery and a thriller. The Islamic refrences in the book will definitely have young readers want to dig up more information and facts on scriptures and history.

Though at times I felt that the things moved ahead too fast and that the author should have warranted us some more details, it was nevertheless a page turner till the end. It was an enthralling read and I would definitely recommend it to all the Harry Potter and Hunger games fans out there!

With this, I would like to anounce that I have a copy of the book to giveaway! Personally signed by the author herself! (Giveawayonly open to Australian residents.)

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