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Reading Quran — A Review

Author: Sarah Ahmed

Publisher: Qasim Publications

Summary: Learning to read Qur’an should be easy and accessible to everyone. This book is a step-by-step guide to Qur’anic fluency, beneficial for readers of all ages, while designed to keep young readers engaged. Structured in a way that gradually progresses through Qur’anic arabic, this book builds confidence in literacy skills through plenty of practice, engaging worksheets and interactive QR codes for additional guidance. Learning Qur’an has never been easier!

Price: $15.00

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Review: “Reading Quran: A Step-by-Step Guide to Quran’ic Fluency” is a book I received from a teacher at my son’s madrassah alhamdullilah. It’s an alternate book they use. Anyway, the book is easy to follow to help children. It can also help converts who need it, too. It’s very self-explanatory. Check it out online at readingquranbook.com .

Rating: 5/5

Ramadan’s Coming! — A Review

Assalamu aleikum everyone! Long time.

Author: Rabia Bashir

Illustrator: Laila Ramadhani


Are you looking for Ramadan books for toddlers or older children?

Ramadan’s Coming is a beautifully illustrated rhyming book showing multi-cultural families from around the world as they:
~ prepare for Ramadan
~ take part in the blessed month
~ and celebrate Eid!

Children will learn about the key aspects of Ramadan:
~ The Qur’an was first revealed in Ramadan
The moon sighting
~ What fasting is and how it benefits
~ Suhoor (pre-dawn meal)
~ Ifthar (breaking of the fast)
~ Taraweeh prayers
~ Not over-eating at ifthar!
~ Doing good deeds and rewards being multiplied
~ Giving Zakat
~ I’tikaf
~ Moon sighting before Eid
~ Festivities of preparing for Eid
~ Eid Salah
~ Gratitude and spending time with family

Age Range: 3 & Up

Review: Ramadan’s Coming! has beautiful illustrations and meaningful texts to help teach about Ramadan to little ones. Though we didn’t read it as a songbook, we enjoyed the messages and the tools it provides about the Blessed Month. We definitely recommend Ramadan’s Coming! Find it below on Amazon:

Rating: 4/5

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Beneath The Crimson Circle – A Review

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A dead archaeologist. A stolen artifact. A lost treasure. Are the three mysteries tied together?

That’s what teenage sleuths Zahra, her brother Zaid, and their friends Adam and Layla must discover during their vacation to exotic Noha Island. They are convinced that Idris, a university student, has been framed for the murder and they vow to catch the real killer. Soon, they’re in pursuit of multiple suspects and wriggling out of one sticky situation after another. As they come closer and closer to the truth, danger lurks at every corner.

Unfortunately, time is running out for Idris. As his trial approaches, the teenagers must make one more desperate bid to ambush the enemy. Will their ruse work or are they destined to become the ones ensnared?

Beneath the Crimson Circle is the intriguing fourth book in The Moon of Masarrah Series.

Review: Beneath the Crimson Circle by Farah Zaman is a mystery and fantasy young adult read. In this book, our teenage sleuths are back with another thrilling murder to solve because they are always eager to lend a hand. They call themselves nosy, and I like it! The brave gang easily navigate the deceptive world of adults at times because it’s easy to discount children and sometimes their investigative skills is at their own peril because not everyone is so trusting of children their age.

Layla, Zahra, Adam and Zaid have a dead archeologist, a lost treasure and a lost artifact which might be connected somehow on their hands.

The dead archeologist is “Enemy of the State.” This means anybody this archeologist worked with had a motive.

The lost treasure is believed to be a myth and a folk tale locally but to some believers of lost treasures like archeologists and antique thieves, the lost treasure is not a joke.

Then, we have a missing artifact from a well-known local museum which seems like a distraction. Or is it? That’s the question that Layla and her zumrah decipher wittily and successfully in this tome with the help of other adults and four other students; two of which are West African characters with names well-cherished in their Muslim part of the world. I really wish to see more of these two characters in subsequent tomes.

Finally, we also learn that appearances are misleading among other things. Overall, Beneath the Crimson Circle surprises the reader at every turn and is an absolute page turner! I could hardly put it down in the two and half days I read it. It has been a while since a book has occupied most of my waking thoughts like this book did. I am usually good at turning off my thoughts when I close a book to attend to other tasks. However, this skill of mine turned out to be very difficult to implement with this read. The reason is simple: Beneath the Crimson Circle has an engaging plot. It is well-written and edited. Also cryptic, Zaman delivers yet another compelling YA book in her growing mystery series. Well done.

Rating: 5/5

The Blessed Hajj — A Review

Assalamu aleikum,

Author: Aisha Anastasis Izgagina

Illustrator: Qamer Khatri

Summary: “The Blessed Hajj” is a book that enables Muslim children to gain, love and have knowledge about one of the beautiful pillars of Islam; Hajj. It is written in a poetic form which is easy to read and understand for children. Finally, “The Blessed Hajj” brings the pilgrimage journey to Muslim children’s homes.

Age Range: 3 – 9

Review: The Blessed Hajj is a rhythmic book that is easy to remember for young and growing minds. When Muslim children are young, it’s very challenging to break down the nuts and bolts of Islam. So, a book like this down achieves this purpose without being too distracting and overwhelming. Also, if you have child who is a little behind compared to his or her peers, a simple book like this explains a major pillar of our faith easily. Check the paperback on Amazon below.

Rating: 4/5

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Superheroes of Islam: Abu Bakr As-Siddiq رضي الله عنه — A Review

Assalamu aleikum!

Author: Ammar Kidwai

Illustrator: Qamer Khatri

Summary: “Superheroes of Islam” is a book series that portrays the lives of past Muslim Heroes through the lenses of a young author. The book series intends to teach and give children a sense of pride in Islamic Heritage and use the lives of the Rightly Guided Leaders and Sahabas as an example of true heroes to follow. The first book of the series reveals a little bit about the life of the first Khalifa, and the lessons we should learn from his life.

Age Range: 3 – 9

Review: Superheroes of Islam Book 1 is a picture book account of a young Muslim author about the righteous sahaba Abu Bakr As-Siddiq رضي الله عنه.

The book is faceless and uses simple symbolism to get to the point. In addition, using rhetorical questions, the author attempts to engage his audience in his short storytelling account of this un-forgetful character. Masha’Allah.

Superheroes of Islam Book 1 ends with some coloring pages to try as an activity with the young ones. My son and I actually colored these last tidbits after we read it.

Above all, Superheroes of Islam: Abu Bakr As-Siddiq رضي الله عنه is worth adding to your Muslim homeschooling book list.

Kuddos to this young author for realizing and knowing who the real heroes are for the benefit of this life and the next. May Allah continue to bless and support his efforts, Allahumma aameen.

Sneak peak…

Superheroes of Islam: Abu Bakr As-Siddiq رضي الله عنه launches November 15th, 2020 on social media. Join us!

Find it on Amazon by clicking on the link below.

Rating: 4/5

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Dawood Loves His Books, by Umm Marwan Ibrahim

Umm Afraz Muhammed

Title:Dawood Loves His Books
Author:Umm Marwan Ibrahim
Genre: Children’s Book
Illustrator:Nolitri Devi
Publisher:Djarabi Kitabs Publishing
Released: August 2020
Format: Paperback
Pages: 25
Source: I received a soft copy from the publisher in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.
Rating: 5/5
Purchase:Amazon | GoodReads | Djarabi Kitabs Publishing

Dawood loves his books a lot. One day, he comes across a book unlike any other he has seen and is intrigued. When he asks his mom about it, he discovers interesting facts about the Book, explores all the things it talks about, finds out why it’s so special, and learns about the Speaker of the Book too. Dawood Loves His Books introduces children to the concept of the Qur’an, the role it plays in the life of a Muslim, the things that Allah has talked about in it, and also gives…

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Mel: And His Trouble With One Thousand Shoes — A Review

Assalamu aleikum!

mel 1

Summary: “And do not walk on the earth proudly…”  Quran 17 : 37 

Mel the millipede collected one thousand shoes. They were his prized jewels. He wore them and walked around with his head held high. He looked proud and arrogant as he passed by. The other bugs warned him of his obsession. Snail told him that humbleness is more important than fashion. When Mel was in trouble trying to save his shoes from a flood, Moth flew to his rescue and they became buds. Mel learned to appreciate friends more than elegance. And that being grateful is better than arrogance.

Author: Somayeh Zomorodi was born in Iran and spent most of her childhood in her grandfather’s garden among colorful flowers and trees. Adventure games and the world of imagination gave her a happy childhood. She was later inspired by that and wanted to share this childish pleasure to not only her lovely three children but all the children of the world. She has a bachelor`s degree in English literature and a master’s degree in Translation studies and is teaching and doing research in the field of children’s literature. She wishes for all children to have happy and safe childhoods. She dreams to create big smiles on their faces and wisdom through her stories and poems.
Illustrator: N.Broomand
Review: It’s so easy for confidence to spill into arrogance. As we all know, arrogance only belongs to Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala. So, to this end, Mel: And His Trouble With One Thousand Shoes is to help us remember golden Islamic maxims and about remaining humble in the face of having a lot of blessings for our success is only by Allah. While we may want others to be happy for us at times when we reach certain milestones, that can also border on showing off.
Overall, Mel: And His Trouble With One Thousand Shoes is a colorful tale that is wonderfully illustrated with a great lesson. Adults and children can all learn from this tale as accumulating unnecessary worldly gains can weigh a person down.
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mel 2
Rating: 5/5

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Four New Children’s Books Releases by Prolance

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four new releases prolance

1. My First Surahs

Author: Hajar Ashmawey currently resides in Dallas, Texas with her family. She is a full time wife, mother, and mental health professional. Hajar earned her
Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health/Counseling from Oakland University in Michigan. She enjoys spending time with her family and working with children.

Illustrator: Jenny Reynish is an artist and illustrator working mainly in children’s publishing and has created a wide variety of illustrations for US and UK publishers. Her individual and decorative style was sparked by a Persian rug from Isfahan, inherited from her aunt. She loves the colors and decorative patterns of the Middle East and India, and finds much inspiration from living by the sea. She works in watercolor, oil, and linoprint. www.magiccarpetpics.co.uk

Summary: Enjoy reading seven surahs of the Quran, written against seven beautiful pieces of art. Contemplate each surah as you recite it to your little ones while enjoying the artistic backgrounds. Plus! Each surah includes a lesson to implement into everyday life.

Thoughts: The book offers simplistic lessons to take away from seven short surahs of the Quran. It’s also imperative that as parents we supplement these concise summaries with in-depth tafsirs of these surahs. For instance, al Fatiha is not only about only worshiping the one true God or seeking His help alone, it’s also about not following in the steps of those who were given books before us. In short, al Fatiha is also about correct guidance seeking.

Sneak peak inside the book…

surah Naas

Rating: 4/5

2. Salaam World

Author: Samia Khan is a Muslim American writer and high school English teacher.  She is the author of The Shapes of Eid, According to Me. Samia was first inspired to write by her experience of becoming a mother, and continues to turn to her children for creativity. She currently resides in the suburbs of Chicago.  You can learn more about Samia by connecting with her www.instagram.com/booksbysamiakhan.

Illustrator: Teresa Abboud is a Georgia-based illustrator and a 2D animator.  She graduated from the Académie Libanaise des Beaux Arts. She grew up in Lebanon in an artistic environment, in an atmosphere of integrity and disorder, war and liberty.  Teresa’s art reflects her inner feelings. Her aesthetic choices come directly from this atmosphere that marked her childhood. Teresa wants to tell stories, share feelings, express ideas, and transmit emotions through her art.

Summary: A greeting is an exchange between people that is perhaps one of the earliest forms of communication learned by children. This rhyming children’s book about the Arabic salutation of Salaam is a fun introduction to the concept of peace, for even the youngest of readers. A book that fosters diversity and inclusiveness!

Thoughts: Very cute and rhyming.

Rating: 4/5

sneak salam

3. Assmaa A. Andulsi: The Girl Who is Like No Other

Assmaa A. Andulsi: The Girl Who is Like No Other is about a modern Muslim American girl. Assmaa thinks she should be more famous than Snow White, Princess Aurora or Cinderella. Everywhere she goes, she carries two sets of herself. One writes in English from left to right while the other writes in Arabic from right to left. One goes to public school during the week, and the other attends Sunday school at the mosque.  One admires George Washington and Martin Luther King while the other loves the Prophet Mohamed. These two identities make her different, special, and a girl who is like no other. Sometimes she struggles to understand others. When she yells at her third-grade teacher for not fasting during Ramadan, super-duper trouble follows. Her mother explains that since her teacher is Christian, she doesn’t fast. Since Assmaa didn’t know how other people live and believe, others probably don’t know much about how her family lives and believes. She sets up a food drive to teach her fellow students about an important principle called zakat, the act of giving. The story briefly introduces readers to all five pillars of Islam: salat, or prayer; sawm, or fasting; zakat, charitable giving; hajj, the pilgrimage to Mecca; and shahada, the declaration of faith.

Thoughts: This is a chapter book. Assmaa is a very enthusiastic young North-African American but more precisely a Tunisian-American who means well. The book can feel a bit like info-dump at times but it’s also a love letter to Assmaa from her father.

Rating: 3.5/5

4. Our Colorful World

sneak peak our colorful

The Author & Illustrator: Golnar Servatian is an award-winning Iranian children’s book and magazine freelance illustrator. She has been illustrating for kids since 2006 and won awards in international level. Publishing more than 50 books. She also enjoys painting and writing stories and poems. She has a Bachelors in Graphic Design and a Masters in Fine Arts. Visit www.instagram.com/golnarservatian and  www.golnarservatian.com  .

Thoughts: Colorful and rhythmic, the book depicts the un-matchable creations of al Khaliq.

Rating: 4/5 

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