Reading Quran — A Review

Author: Sarah Ahmed

Publisher: Qasim Publications

Summary: Learning to read Qur’an should be easy and accessible to everyone. This book is a step-by-step guide to Qur’anic fluency, beneficial for readers of all ages, while designed to keep young readers engaged. Structured in a way that gradually progresses through Qur’anic arabic, this book builds confidence in literacy skills through plenty of practice, engaging worksheets and interactive QR codes for additional guidance. Learning Qur’an has never been easier!

Price: $15.00

Buy here.

Review: “Reading Quran: A Step-by-Step Guide to Quran’ic Fluency” is a book I received from a teacher at my son’s madrassah alhamdullilah. It’s an alternate book they use. Anyway, the book is easy to follow to help children. It can also help converts who need it, too. It’s very self-explanatory. Check it out online at .

Rating: 5/5


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