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New-Publisher-Features-Muslim-AuthorsDjarabi Kitabs Publishing has been featured on AboutIslam alhamdullilah. You can read here.

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Interview with writer and blogger Papatia Feauxzar


As part of this month’s theme, I wanted to interview someone who could tell us their struggle on the path of attaining a goal they had. Last month, we spoke about hobbies; our hobbies can often turn into bigger projects, as was the case for writer and blogger Papatia Feauxzar.

Papatia is a mother of one spirited boy, Alhamdullilah. She is an accountant working from home but also a writer and blogger. She is a self proclaimed hopeless romantic wife Masha’Allah.  A lover of flowers, tea, good food, de-stressing with laughter and animals. Last but not least, she loves Allah immeasurably, Alhamdullilah.

What made you want to be a writer?

I’m very fond of storytelling. I excitedly listened to elders tell me stories when I was a child. Now, I’m all grown up yet still a child at heart, I wanted to tell my own stories. So, I started writing and publishing them. My latest one, The Ducktrinors, is a mixture of a dream I had, past oral stories, Sunnah traditions, and historical Islamic reference.

Talk us through the process of putting a story together

First I take notes of any instant inspirations I get. I write them down quickly because if I do not, I forget. Then, I write a one page synopsis based on the notes and the story develops around that skeleton. I do not always stick to the skeleton. I often add or delete to it. But – I always know how my stories will end.

What struggles have you encountered during this process? How did you overcome these?

Sometimes, I struggle to make a story believable so I have to do a lot of research. For instance, if you are going to talk about whichcraft and that you set the story in Texas people will look at you with googly eyes. On the other hand, if you set such a story in Louisiana or perhaps Massachusetts. Readers might actually believe you because it will make sense because of the history of voodoo in Louisiana and the witch hunt in Massachusetts. But you can set a spy story in Dallas and be okay.

Also, when I face writer’s block. I watch a movie or read a story and I get more ideas.

Have you always read books?

As a matter of fact, yes! I have read academic books, entertainment books, science books. You name it. What I notice from all these diverse writers is that they used humor to make a boring subject interesting. For instance, my accounting books were always easy to read because they included jokes, anecdotes etc. It helps the reader learn and relax.

What advice would you have to sisters about making reading a habit?

Just don’t read one genre. Broaden your experience and enrich your world with a diversity of genres. It trains the mind to unlock itself. It’s also inspiring. He who has knowledge is respected for its power.

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Any final words?

Thank you for having me. You can find me on my website. My latest book can be purchased through amazon here.

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