I had An Interesting Dream

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In my family, the people that have premonitory dreams like in the novel Normal Calm are my folks from my mother’s side. My sister and my mother also have this gift. I don’t, but sometimes I wished I did. Having said that, it is probably better that way because sometimes they dream about things they don’t know how to break down to the people involved. As a matter of fact, they never tell me on time when they dream about me. I’m always the last to know if it has a good outcome. If it has a bad outcome, they pray for me, make duas and offer sadaqa on my behalf. May Allah reward them for watching over me, amiin.

Another reason I rarely have these dreams like they do around the clock is because I am not mentally and psychologically strong enough to deal with them (I’m too caring but I’m a strong person alhamdullilah.) For instance, my sister and my mother always see my late father in their dreams. Sometimes, he tells them what surah to recite for certain problems they find themselves troubled with. They said he is always clean and dressed in white clothes (he was a fervent Muslim masha’Allah).

I, on the other hand, stopped having dreams about him about 12 years ago. Before that, I barely dreamed about him anyways. Our paths met again in my dream (12 years ago) and I acted like I saw a ghost. I screamed and screamed to the point I thought like my brains were going to blow up! From this day on, he never visited me in my dreams. My step-father (a very religious wise and learned man) explained to me that I remembered he passed away so my response was natural, and that I was not completely asleep when he came to me.

My step-father also had a life-changing dream about me when I was going to undergrad. We were not even in the same city when he told me about it and that resumed my faith crisis at the time. I digress!

So in May 2014, I had a dream! A meaningful one, too. A few days before that, I had told and lamented to Brooke Benoit that my efforts to get my work out there were becoming an extortion business. She told me in return that it will be worth it when my plans are done. We laughed about it and moved on. Then the person that would help me get my work out there informed me that there was an increase in the rates originally quoted to me. I was mad because this writing project of mine was adding up andreally going over-budget. As a proud penny pincher, I don’t like when my personal financial budgets go way over their limit.

Ironically enough, I get annoyed when a store manager bugs me, his accountant, about a penny overage that will literally make him have a smaller bonus. Really man? Forget about it, it’s a penny! Do work because you love it not because of your pocket…

Going back to the story, then my husband annoyed me further after I read the email about my rates going up. Well, anything could have been the tipping point after that because my hormones were raging due to the fact that I was expecting back then. Alhamdulillah I have a beautiful son today masha’Allah.

Instead of boiling over and causing a tantrum or taking it out on my husband, I made wudu and prayed ishaa before going to bed without saying good night to him. My last wish to Allah after my prayers was to protect my interests and help me deal with people that are wishy-washy.

I will spare you the other irrelevant details of my vision. But in my dream, I was prompted by a few family members to lead salat and recite Surah 83 verse 1 and 2 only. Because I’m still deciphering Arabic letters in the Qur’an sherif, I was having a tough time reading the verses. With a lot of frustration, I finally woke up after numerous stops at the toilet during the night to empty my bladder and my hips ACHING like hell! I had decided to sleep in another room that night because I did not want to wake the hubby up with constant walking around.

Upon waking up the next day, the dream was still vivid in my mind. I quickly made wudu and prayed. Then, I did some research on the surah and the verses I could not read in Arabic to save my life!

I found out that surah 83 is called Al-Mutaffifin and the first two verses read the following:

  1. Woe to Al-Mutaffifin[those who give less in measure and weight (decrease the rights of others)],
  2. Those who, when they have to receive by measure from men, demand full measure,

After reading this, I was in disbelief! I said ‘masha’Allah’ with tears in my eyes. It is written that one should recite this surah to protect oneself from defrauding people. When I first shared the story online on Facebook, a close sister to me said that I must be one of the unique slaves of Ar-Rahman. I was flattered because she is a much learned woman in Islam compared to me. She graduated from a merdrassa school and she teaches Quran to students masha’Allah.

I hope she is right and that I’m one His unique slaves. I also hope that thissurah helps you deal with issues you face in your life because fitnah is upon us now. Please add it to your protection prayers. In my own experience, one thing is sure, I have tried to read it the surah when time allows and it has helped alhamdullilah. With all that being said, we can’t stop what has been ordained and decreed for us by Him.

I read in Fire & Clay that a dream is 1/27 of prophethood. For me it doesn’t mean we’re prophets of some kind. Far from it. In my opinion, dreams are the direct connection we have to Allah. Besides, that is the way He said he would communicate to us after Rasullulah (sallallahu aleihi wassalam). Stay lovely my dear ummah and true to yourself and to the people around you! Have steadfast faith. Trust His qadr and give thanks!

Houb salam!

Papatia Feauxzar

15 Rajab 1435 (05/14/2014)


My pearl braceletLet me tell you the story of this bracelet. I went to a department store a few months ago looking for a yellow plaid long sleeve shirt. I combed the store for this shirt and zilch! When I decided to give up and head out, my eyes landed on the famous shirt by the door. Excited, I made a beeline for the cash register. As I waited for my turn while my insides were jubilating, I spotted the gem. I snatched it right away but only to realize that it didn’t have a price tag. Crushed, I took it anyway and hoped that the cashier could work some magic and sell it to me. When my turn came after all the long line of high schoolers, he informed me that he couldn’t sell it to me. I was bummed. I tried to push the envelope by suggesting he scanned a similar product so that I can purchase it but his answer remained, ‘No.’ Sad, I bought my shirt and left to rejoin the hubby and the baby patiently waiting for me outside the store. We browsed the mall until we got home. I emptied the contents of my bags on the clean carpet and lo and behold, here she was! The precious pearl that had caught my eye a few hours earlier. I jumped in glee and recounted the story to the man of the house who didn’t get it. That didn’t spoil my excitement . I was happy and blessed the cashier tons! I have been wearing that bracelet regularly because it’s flattering and doesn’t show when I wear under my clothes. It stays hugged to my wrist and never slides up and down. It stays concealed and beautifies me from the inside. At least that’s how I see it. Today I was tried and didn’t feel like digging my tasbih out of my purse to do some dhikr. I just removed the bracelet on a hunch and counted the beads . 33 beads! Subhanallah , this is amazing. I counted it again a second time just to be sure. And a third time. I know, I could have had my regular tasbih in my hands while I was counting these beads to double check myself. Guess what, from now on, if I’m outside, it will be my tasbih. I did a few laps of stigfar on it and alhamdullilah I’ve never felt so liberated and ‘serendipitous’!

A Call To All Young Adult Readers*

Assalamu aleikum-Peace be unto you,


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Papatia Feauxzar