Book Review – The Ducktrinors by Papatia Feauxzar

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A Day Dreamer's Diary

So I am here with my first book review on WordPress.The Ducktrinors book

Recently finished reading the book ‘The Ductrinors ’ from Papatia Feauxzar,  if you remember I did a post about her book launch few weeks back.

Papatia is a published author of many novels, You can also find her on wordpress ( .

Recently she started with her novel series,The Ductrinors ,  Book 1  Hanifa  is the first in this series.

The novel revolved around a  young female protagonist Hanifa, a day dreamer who wants to save the world from evil people. She is strong and determined woman who proves herself a great leader as the novel advances. The opening of the novel was interesting and holds the reader’s curiosity about characters and their history as each of them get introduced slowly in the book. The story is set in future era with use of technology at…

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Behind Picket Fences – A Review

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Between Sisters, SVP!

fences picBehind Picket Fencesis the second novel of Hend Hegazi, an Egyptian-American Muslim writer who lives in Alexandria, Egypt with her husband and four children. Her second novel just like the first one is nothing short than a masterpiece masha’Allah. It follows the lives of four suburban American families; one of which is Muslim. Compared to her first one, Normal Calm, Behind Picket Fences is more of a mainstream novel.

So we have Sidra and Farris, Mariam and Morgan, Summer and Porter and May and Hasan.

Sidra and Farris are successful. She’s a case worker and her knight in shining armor is a lawyer. She just yearns for one thing that money can’t buy.

Mariam is a stay home mother and this is about to change when Morgan starts having financial troubles to support her and their four beautiful children.

Summer is a vibrant young woman who is the…

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