In Honor of Black History Month

Between Sisters, SVP!

blackhistorymonth2-270x300In honor of Black History Month, meet Mrs. Karimah Grayson. She is “… a Muslim American author. Originally from Philadelphia, PA, Karimah resides in Fort Lauderdale, FL. The love of water and the beautiful blue skies keeps her loving the Sunshine State. By profession she is an educator and enjoys watching her students mature into adulthood. Karimah recently began writing in the little known genre of Muslim fiction and looks forward to sharing the Muslim American experience with the world.”

Her book The Shoulders On Which I stand is a must read and a credible Muslim Authored Book that supports Black History. My only issue is the cover that makes me a bit shy…

So Daria Van, the protagonist of the story is a challenger. At times I identified with her on the ways she was tried by the school staff. So, I sympathized a lot with her…

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