Go Away BAD MOOD -A Review

I got my copy on Amazon here. You can buy yours there and/or on the Author’s website.


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Go Away BAD mood
Author: Nayera Salam
Illustrator: Elsa Estrada
Publisher : Prolance
As a person who is always in a good mood, this children’s book called my name. I want to instill the value of a good character to my son so I had to get it.

My son and I read it and he enjoyed the graphics. He stayed focused longer than I thought. Later, he opened the book and told his own story as he flipped the pages -engrossed- of what he saw in his gibberish language while I puffed in laughter.

The story sends a powerful message to children; be courteous and a happy kid. The drawings are unique and beautiful. The text is also rhythmic and enjoyable.

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It has a puzzle at the end. A great activity for little ones to make them think and solve problems. My little one made a confetti here, haha!

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Here is the back cover.

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Thank you for reading,

Papatia Feauxzar



Pants for a Muslimah?

My grain of salt hehe 😉

Between Sisters, SVP!


Here is a touchy subject around the globe ;). Can a Muslim woman wear pants? Hmmm…..So pants?


or only dresses and skirts?skirtsNdresses

Well it depends on many things. Personally, I don’t wear pants outside the comfort of my home. I used to wear them outside but these days, I am so used to wear skirts and dresses that I feel very awkward wearing pants to go outside. I just feel naked if I try to put a foot outside the door, so I just don’t. But I do wear pants under clothing when Winter hits so that I don’t get cold.

So can she wear it? She can wear pants if it’s part of her culture and the dress on top is long enough to cover her behind.  Assuming that her clothes are not too tight and are loose. That said, some scholars will argue that she can’t under…

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