5 Ideas to Help Children Memorize Allah’s Names and Attributes

"Mommy, Who Is Allah?"

Memorizing and understanding Allah’s Names and Attributes can be a difficult task especially for children. Children learn at their own pace, which means sometimes it may take some time. Below is a list of wonderful resources aimed to ease the task of memorizing and to simply make learning fun.


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Allah Al-Aleem – A Review


Allah Al-Aleem Front Cover

Age Range: I would say 3+

Author: Bint Abdul Hamid

Illustrator : Zahra Gulraiz

Publisher: Prolance

Price : $12

What to expect: An introduction to one of the many attributes of Allah: Al-Aleem (The All-Knowing)

Summary: The best gift we can give our children is the knowledge of Tawheed, to know their Creator. Knowing Allah by His names will help establish their roots, and help them to attach to Allah out of love of His perfection. May Allah help us to fulfill the responsibility of bringing up our children knowing Allah and worshipping Him alone.

ThoughtsAllah Al-Aleem is a must have for young Muslim readers and young muminun. It exposes them early on to the qualities of their Al-Khaliq (The Creator). Children have so many questions. We try to answer them as much as we can and sometimes we fall short. For instance, “Mommy, why is the sky blue?” The answer to this question will not be a short reply to small minds.

Sneak Peak Page

Allah Al-Aleem Sneak Peak Page

Parents can appease the curiosity of Muslim children by telling them that only Allahu alim (Allah knows best). Insha’Allah, with  Allah Al-Aleem as a supporting teaching aidthe muminun will be satisfied with some of the answers we give them.

Launch Poster Al Aleem

Rating : 4/5

Jazakh’Allah khair for reading,

~A Ducktrinor Mom~

*I received a free copy for my honest feedback*

A Small Fortune of Books – Djarabi Kitabs

Between Sisters, SVP!

Assalamu aleikum dear bloggers and readers,

Small fortune books.JPGDjarabi Kitabs Publishing‘s e-store is now live alhamdullilah. You might ask why I chose to do this when these books can be found at major distributors.

Well for one, mine are tax free. And two, finding Muslim books in a sea of other books has led many to believe that Muslim voices haven’t been written yet. Yes, we need more voices but writing is not a new thing to us. Many of our works have been destroyed when the House of Wisdom in Bagdad was sacked or by Muslims themselves due to ignorance. Timbuktu in Mali also has valuable manuscripts that are still buried in the people’s homes or in the ground out of trust issues. People are afraid that giving them to the public will cause them to be stolen or misused.

There are MANY, MANY, MANY…books written by Muslims out there…

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Accessories Reviews

review 1 pic 2

Assalamu aleikum,

I received some pretty nice gifts to review masha’Allah. It’s the revival of the Muslim golden era alright! So let’s get to it.


pins 1

The pins are really strong and colorful like I like them. You can get them here. These will make a wonderful addition to my daily hijab assortments. I think I should fancy up a bit going forward just because!

blue pin review

The blue pin above is my favorite masha’Allah. I can’t wait to wear it on Ramadan Eid if I live to see it insha’Allah! You won’t believe the acrobatics I had to pull to take simple picture! *Laughs* Alhamdullilah, it’s not too shabby.

You can get a discount at Azyaan online which is in Denton, Texas. Expect me one day sis out of the ‘blue’! Anyways dear readers, please use the coupon code below to make a purchase insha’Allah.

Coupon code Azyaan online



These gratitude journals are also sold at Azyaan mentionned earlier alhamdullilah.


The one I received from the boutique is a mini journal that fits pretty much anywhere especially in a woman’s purse. Azyaan is the only US supplier at the moment so hurry up and get a copy before she runs out! Because walaye, they do fly off the shelf! I actually did a review for it here but I started another 30 day journey again. I’ll share the review once again with you when I’m done insha’Allah. In the meantime, I can tell you this though, on day 8 which was this past Saturday, I met Haleh Banani! I recognize her soul before even seeing her face from afar. I kept telling my husband, ‘I know this woman.’ Until we got closer and she waved at me. She was so nice and lovely masha’Allah! We chatted a bit and exchanged numbers. I told her who I was hehe… She knows I don’t look anything special ;).

Ah hb


self love

I have been on a self love journey since the beginning of the hijri calendar and this is very nice to have. The text is in black and the designs are simply lovely masha’Allah. My two younger sisters received a copy each masha’Allah. That’s how generous the authors have been alhamdullilah! You can buy your copy here insha’Allah.

Abu Huraira reported: The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Give each other gifts and you will love each other.” This is what it is indeed.

self love 1

Now, I’m supporting these works with reviews and listings. Please support with your wallets. Haha! One Ummah, One Goal insha’Allah. Allah is Ar-Razzaq (The Provider) so let’s not worry as he’s in charge #rizq #alhamdullilahforseries #hijabpins .

Jazakh’Allah khair for reading.

Masalam and Houb salam,


6 African Muslims Who Brought Islam To America You Should Know — Hayati Magazine


As a Muslim of West African origin living in the United States, my Muslim-ness is always contested by Europeans, Americans, and even clueless Africans. They ask me questions like: “Are you Muslim?” and “Were you born Muslim?” I get asked these questions a lot by Americans because Islam is something that was made to sound……

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Sleep in God’s Protection – An Interfaith Children’s Book Review

God protection 1.JPG

Author:  Elizabeth Lymer

Publisher : Aneesa Books

Description: A bedtime book for young Muslims, Jews, and Christians, in which flowers close their petals, plants close their leaves, and babies close their eyes. ‘God’s peace be with you. God made the night. It is time to close your eyes tonight.’ It includes the prayer of Abraham for his sons (upon them be peace). This title was made specifically as a gift for a baby’s special religious occasion, and generally for interfaith Abrahamic families and friends, and it is only available via Amazon.

Review: Behold, the latest addition to our children’s books collection: Sleep in God’s Protection. I ordered this a few weeks ago, and it was sitting at the leasing office all along unbeknownst of me. Subhanallah…the things I do sometimes.

Anyways, when we finished reading Sleep in God’s Protection, the hadith “When the wings of the night spread , keep your children in, for the devils come out at that time” came to mind. We’re all vulnerable during our sleep especially babies.

Sleep in God’s Protection gives both the child and the parent an assurance that God will protect them during the night. About 26 pages, it’s also an interfaith children’s book because the foundation of Sleep in God’s Protection lays upon Abraham’s (aleihi salam) prayers to Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) for the safety of his children – Ishmael and Isaac).

Our Rassullulah (sallallahu aleihi wassalam) also repeated the protection supplications to his grandsons; Hassan and Hussein (May Allah be pleased with them) and told them the origin of the duas.

To continue, Sleep in God’s Protection is also very colorful, and we enjoyed the rich colors used and the simple texts. My little ABsaurus cooed and spoke utter gibberish throughout our different reading sessions. He recognizes some letters since we’re learning the alphabet alhamdullilah.

Get your copy here on Amazon.

Our Rating : 5/5

Jazak’Allah khair for reading,

~A Ducktrinor Mom~

Sambè Sambè 2016 (Eid Mubarak 1437)

Between Sisters, SVP!

Assalamu aleikum ummah,

sheep-1649212_1920In Mandé which is the main classification of my tribe, we add ‘Sambè Sambè’ after wishing you a happy Eid. There are two more specific classifications of my tribe but I won’t disclose that today  ( Mandé > ? > ? ) .

So ‘Sambè Sambè’ stems from a dua which is ‘Allah san gbrê daah man’. It means , ‘May Allah give us next year.’ We usually utter ‘amiin’ at this dua, and we make subsequent duas. To continue, ‘Sambè’ is a variant of  ‘san gbrê’ in our dialect; next year.

Normally, on the afternoon of the Eid, children get dressed and go see the parents of their moms for gifts or Eid money by saying and chanting ‘Sambè Sambè’  at the doors of these maternal relatives. These days, the custom is a bit perverted. Children (Muslim and non-Muslims) go to anyone chanting ‘Sambè Sambè’ during the Eids…

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Build Your Arabic Vocabulary Series by Dr. Alia Khaled


Build Your Arabic

Build Your Arabic Vocabulary series is by Dr. Alia Khaled. She’s a multi talented person masha’Allah. I enjoyed reading her four free books while my son pointed at images or just sat next to me and being mischievous as usual. I can read Arabic but at snail pace… This series is perfect because not only it’s for beginners, it’s also visual. The series is composed of four books : Arabic Letters, Arabic Numbers, Colors in Arabic, and Shapes in Arabic.

Arabic numbers

Arabic numbers

Link: https://www.amazon.com/Arabic-Numbers-Build-Your-Vocabulary-ebook/dp/B01F483B2G

Arabic Letters

This is assuming that your children or yourselves already know the different letter positions at the beginning, middle, and end.

Arabic letters

Link : https://www.amazon.com/Arabic-Letters-Build-Your-Vocabulary/dp/0997099941

Color names in Arabic

Arabic colors

Link : https://www.amazon.com/Colors-Build-Your-Arabic-Vocabulary/dp/0997099925

Shapes in Arabic

Arabic ShapesLink : https://www.amazon.com/Shapes-Build-Your-Arabic-Vocabulary-ebook/dp/B01F4837ZM

If you aren’t fluent like me, it’s definitely a collection to have to increase yours and your children’s Arabic vocabulary, some of which you might have known or not known they were the same in Arabic and in the different languages that you speak.

For instance, I drew some parallels with French words, English words, Turkish words, and my own very mother tongue (African Dialect) which borrowed many Arabic words too!

Now, if you’re fluent, it’s still a good tool for your children to have. It’s even better because it’s a complimentary teaching aid. There is no such thing as too much education.

To close, download a free coloring book here. You can get all these books on Amazon or at Alif Baa World.

Jazakh’Allah Khair for reading,

~A Ducktrinor Mom~


“The Size of a Mustard Seed” by Umm Juwayriyah – Covered Pearls Series

Umm J

The Size of a Mustard Seed is a great Ramadhan read I had the opportunity to finish on a road trip just before the 2016 fard fasting period. When your daily goals about reading or listening to the Quran are met, I urge you to read some urban fiction crafted by Umm Juwayriyah aka Maryam A. Sullivan because it highlights and captures well the beauty of Ramadhan accompanied of course with the struggle of our nafs.

For me it was a bit of a Ramadhan love story and I now understand better why Tohib Adejumo’s Love in Ramadan was partly inspired after her novel. In the domino effect of things, I was also inspired by Tohib and you will find out with time insha’Allah. I mean love in Ramadan can be with the Creator, it can be with yourself, it can be with a person, it can be with the deen, etc. Bottom line, it has a diverse meaning.

Going back to The Size if a Mustard Seed, it centers on Jameelah Salih, a 27 year old Indonesian-African American (post 9-11) who is a hair stylist and a college student. As the eldest of her family, she is a single Muslimah who acknowledged she has a lot of work to do on her person. In a nutshell, she is easily irritated and has an attitude problem she wants to keep under control. And one Ramadhan the opportunity to be a better Muslimah presents itself, and she grabs it.

In the midst of her self-betterment, a marriage proposal from a reknown imam comes in and Jameela while she’s excited at the idea of getting married, she finds herself being reserved about this suitor and takes a while before making a decision. Like clock work, when she makes up her mind, secrets come out of the closet. All she can do is put her trust in the One who will never forsake her to help her make sense of her situation.

Along the way, a platonic and halal love triangle surfaces and you will have to read to get more details on this part. The book is definitely suitable for teenagers and adults alike.

So like I mentioned earlier, she is the eldest of her family. Meelah, like her relatives call her, also has a younger sister named Khadidja who is married to a white revert Muslim man and a younger brother Adam who will turn out to be an exemplary young Muslim man and a dashing wakil.

The novel is diverse in terms of ethnicities and what we should take from it is that Islam has no color and no race is above another one. They are Black, White, Yellow and everything in between the shades Muslims. Muslims are a diverse people indeed! With that being said, there are still people who frown on interracial unions and The Size of a Mustard Seed touches on that a little bit with a particular character. No spoilers!

I’m so looking forward to Book 2 because I feel like Khadija’s story need to be told to great extent! Because of her untold story, I think many other Muslim writers were inspired by the great Umm Juwayriyah and that’s an honor masha’Allah. I could be wrong but that’s the impression I got so far. My rating? 5/5!

Get your copy on Amazon today. Better yet, gift it to someone during the Eid!

Jazak’Allah khair for reading,

Papatia Feauxzar