Fitra Journal: The Muslim Homeschool Quarterly: Getting Started Volume 1 Issue 1



Fitra Journal: The Muslim Homeschool Quarterly: Getting Started

is a nice collection of testaments by Muslim Homeschoolers, a few of which are men masha’Allah. I loved this free treat because the contributors provide many resources and some of their opinions mirror my current state of mind. I’ll not impose anything on my son. I’ll continue to let him roam free and discover things on his own and intervene when he needs me. This was reinforced by the scripture which says that for the first seven years of a child’s life, play with the child. In the next seven years, teach them, and in the last seven years (by 21 years), be a friend. So I plan to do just that because I have a full load of tasks already.

To get back to the review, Fitra’s first issue is divided in five chapters. Chapter 1 deals with ‘Where to Start’. Chapter 2 with ‘The Fundamentals’, Chapter 3 talks about ‘Socializing, Support and Self Care’, and Chapter 4 is ‘Further Outside The Box’. Finally, Chapter 5 is about ‘Resources We Love’. Each section is exactly what it sells. It’s on point.

Now, preparation is the key and this issue is very helpful and resourceful because I tell you homeschooling information can be draining and overwhelming! While I have to get the man of the house to agree to homeschool when the kiddo reaches 7 years old, the testaments of Karima Heraoua titled ‘How I Got My Husband To Homeschool’ in particular gives me hope. We have plenty of time to see eye-to-eye on this issue insha’Allah. The kiddo is such a social butterfly and socialization is the main concern. And contributor Jamila Alqarnain addresses this issue and ways to counteract it. Besides, I try my best to make sure the kiddo doesn’t become sheltered.

Klaudia Khan and Saira Siddiqui’s point of views were also very valuable as I felt like they were talking to me in ‘Learning to speak their language‘ and ‘Understanding Child’s Play’ respectively.

Now, I need to get my copy of Miraj Audio because I use an eclectic source with morals from traditional story books which is fine but I want religious tones instilled in my child as well as we ride this homeschool journey we started in November 2015. I’ve always wondered if there was such a thing like Miraj Audio or if it was something I needed to design for the needs of my child. And there is. Alhamdullilah for the help of all these homeschoolers trying to make it easy for us.Jazakh’Allah khair to y’all!

My rating: 5/5



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