The Shapes of Eid, According To Me

eid shapes 1

Author: Samia Khan

Illustrator : Maria Ahmed

Publisher : Prolance

What to expect: A cheerful, smart and grateful child

eid shapes 2

Summary: From curvy crescents and swirly swirls to ovals, triangles and spheres, Eid is filled with shapes that are your very own. Follow this rhyming story of the many shapes of this special day.

The Shapes of Eid, According To Me is a fast read of 28 pages. It will help teach children several shapes like crescent, stars, domes, and many more shapes to them. There are tidbits of Chicago’s landmarks in this book I recognized in the illustrations because we just had a family trip there. It’s safe to say that I recognized the cloud gate around Magrib time or sunset and a lake I believed was the Michigan Lake by night.

Now, perhaps I should reviewed this free copy I received during Ramadhan because The Shapes of Eid, According To Me pertains more to Eid-ul-Fitr but it didn’t happen. That said, the shapes of Eid stays the same for the big Eid too. So, you can still acquire this goodie for your children for Eid-al-Adha.

Finally, The Shapes of Eid, According To Me is a rhymer that will help children with math concepts besides the reading component. Get your copy! The next Eid is around the corner 🙂 insha’Allah!

Rating : 4/5

Thank you for reading,

~A Ducktrinor Mom~





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