Two Cute Books by Prolance You Need To Have!

Assalamu aleikum!

I have had the chance to read two children’s books recently published by Muslim Book Publisher Prolance, and I’m happy to share my honest thoughts with you. So here we go.

1. Friends of a Different Kind by Nayera Salam

Friends Launch Poster

Age Range: 3+

Author: Nayera Salam

Illustrator: Jenny Reynish

Publisher: Prolance

Summary: Chocolate Chum is the luckiest dog in the neighborhood! He not only has many doggy friends but he has many pals of a different kind. Frogs, gnomes, cats and more. Meet them all in this story that teaches kids about inclusivity and diversity. From beginning to end, children and adults will be intrigued by the book’s message, the enchanting creatures, and the vivid imagery. Plus fun activities! Visit Read-aloud version available.

Thoughts: I really loved Friends of a Different Kind; from the painting style to the rhymes, it was simply a delight to read. This book will teach children to embrace those who are different from them. The book effortlessly achieves this purpose by showing the reader that the characters are animals and/or interesting creatures which have distinctive features.

If we don’t teach children how things around us are different and that’s the beauty of things, we do them a great disservice. The danger of thinking that a specific kind of anything is the standard needs to be resisted. Well done.

Rating: 5/5


2. Paradise is oh So Nice by Halimah Bashir

Paradise Launch Poster


Age Range: 3+

Author: Halimah Bashir

Illustrator: Laila Ramadhani Ritonga

Publisher: Prolance

Summary: Ever wonder what Paradise looks like in the eyes of a child? Giant milkshakes, chocolate castles and ice cream mountains are some of the things Manu and Aya can’t wait to experience. Come along on this adventurous journey where brother and sister’s imagination comes to life and whatever they wish for or desire will come true!

Thoughts: Paradise is oh So Nice is a beautifully illustrated book with vivid colors. The book has two versions; a regular one where Allah is mentioned as “God” and an Islamic version where Allah is mentioned as ” الله .”

This is a nice option in case you want to gift the book as a dawah effort. I also loved this book because it aims at raising young mumeens in a fun context and stretches their imagination.

What else can a Muslim mom like me who wants to raise a young Believer ask for? Hehe…

Rating: 5/5

Check out a sneak peek into the book below:

sneak peek paradise

I received free e-Versions in return for my honest thoughts.

Thank you for reading,

~A Ducktrinor Mom~


A Cat and Mouse Pact – A Review

A Cat and Mouse Pact


Author: Nayera Salam

Nayera Salam has a Master’s degree in Education from Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, and more than thirty years teaching experience. She is now retired and lives in Atlanta with her husband. She has two children and is the proud grandmother of two granddaughters.

Illustrator: Teresa Abboud

Teresa Abboud is a Georgia-based illustrator and a 2D animator.  She graduated from the Academie Libanaise des Beaux Arts. She grew up in Lebanon in an artistic environment, in an atmosphere of integrity and disorder, war and liberty.  Teresa’s art reflects her inner feelings. Her esthetic choices come directly from this atmosphere that marked her childhood.  Teresa wants to tell stories, share feelings, express ideas, and transmit emotions through her art.

Publisher : Prolance

Summary: When Matt, the orange tabby cat, sees Millie, the little gray mouse, he can’t decide between being mean or nice. After all, he must catch any mouse who sneaks inside the neat red brick house of old Mrs. Krouse. Millie pleads for a slice of cheese. Matt listens and thinks. They make a cat and mouse pact, build a friendship and become pals.

From beginning to end, children and adults will be intrigued by the book’s message, the enchanting creatures, and the vivid imagery. Book’s message: Resolve issues peacefully! With attached coloring sheet!

Our Thoughts: As parents who prefer to resolve issues the diplomatic way, this children’s book is the perfect example we can use to teach that value to our child. Though our ABsaurus can’t read yet, he was enchanted by the drawings. But that doesn’t mean, he doesn’t try to read. He opens books on his own and throws random letters of the alphabet at the writings he sees, alhamdullilah.

I had the PDF of A Cat and Mouse Pact opened on my laptop about 20 feet away from his high chair and this child has eagle vision masha’Allah. He kept cooing and pointing at the screen of my computer. He had seen the bright golden cat from his chair and he wanted to get down and get closer alhamdullilah.

I got him closer so he could admire the illustrations as I read in my head. I tried to read for him but he was reading the screen in ‘Martian’ too. So one person had to give in; me. *Laughs*. We also found the story cute and rhyming with a powerful message.

Sneak peek page:


You can buy your copy here with other children’s books by the same author.


Our Rating : 5/5

~I received a free copy for the purpose of this review.~

Thank you for reading,

~A Ducktrinor Mom~


Big Elephant Fritz and The Tiny Ants

Fritz Back Cover

Big Elephant Fritz and The Tiny Ants was reminiscing of a folklore tale I heard when I was still young. The difference here was the number of ants fighting the good fight instead the only one in my version.

Sneak Page

It’s a very cute story with a moral. Children need to know that just because they are small they shouldn’t take disrespect from anybody. A confident and rightly outspoken child goes a long way

Fritz Front Cover

This is the second story by Author Nayera Salam that we have the privilege to review. My son clapped his hands when I got to the end of the story and exclaimed ‘Yay!’ We both understood the brave ants had won. He kept clapping until I said, ‘Ok, enough haha!’ He also enjoyed the deep elephant voice I mustered to make it laugh, yet focused.

Big Elephant Fritz and The Tiny Ants is beautiful designed with some arabesque flavor, the Illustrator Bina Damodar   did a great job with the vibrant and beautiful colors she picked. Well done!

My rating : 5/5

Thank you for reading,



Go Away BAD MOOD -A Review

I got my copy on Amazon here. You can buy yours there and/or on the Author’s website.


bad mood 1

Go Away BAD mood
Author: Nayera Salam
Illustrator: Elsa Estrada
Publisher : Prolance
As a person who is always in a good mood, this children’s book called my name. I want to instill the value of a good character to my son so I had to get it.

My son and I read it and he enjoyed the graphics. He stayed focused longer than I thought. Later, he opened the book and told his own story as he flipped the pages -engrossed- of what he saw in his gibberish language while I puffed in laughter.

The story sends a powerful message to children; be courteous and a happy kid. The drawings are unique and beautiful. The text is also rhythmic and enjoyable.

bad mood 2

It has a puzzle at the end. A great activity for little ones to make them think and solve problems. My little one made a confetti here, haha!

bad mood 5

Here is the back cover.

bad mood 3

Thank you for reading,

Papatia Feauxzar