Big Elephant Fritz and The Tiny Ants

Fritz Back Cover

Big Elephant Fritz and The Tiny Ants was reminiscing of a folklore tale I heard when I was still young. The difference here was the number of ants fighting the good fight instead the only one in my version.

Sneak Page

It’s a very cute story with a moral. Children need to know that just because they are small they shouldn’t take disrespect from anybody. A confident and rightly outspoken child goes a long way

Fritz Front Cover

This is the second story by Author Nayera Salam that we have the privilege to review. My son clapped his hands when I got to the end of the story and exclaimed ‘Yay!’ We both understood the brave ants had won. He kept clapping until I said, ‘Ok, enough haha!’ He also enjoyed the deep elephant voice I mustered to make it laugh, yet focused.

Big Elephant Fritz and The Tiny Ants is beautiful designed with some arabesque flavor, the Illustrator Bina Damodar   did a great job with the vibrant and beautiful colors she picked. Well done!

My rating : 5/5

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