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Thank you sis at for nominating for this award. I’m honored and I accept.

The rules:

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The Questions I was asked are :

  1. Have you ever suffered from depression? Yes, when I was in college. Alhamdullilah I decided to quit cold Turkey a year in because I didn’t want to become a zombie and an object of experiment because I knew they were testing some new ones on me. My boss and friend at the time used to joke, “How is a med with such a copay help you become less depressed?” Mind you she was the Pharmacist and I was the Tech. It still makes me laugh.
  2. What annoys you most? Why? People who are always sniffing and hunting smells. It’s like they make you self-conscious.
  3. Have you ever soaked in a hot springs? No, I would love to do that though. It’s on the bucket list insha’Allah.
  4. What is one place you wanted to travel to but never have been and why? Bora Bora is a dream location for me. The Maldives islands too. Insha’Allah one day.
  5. Is Grey a color? For me, yes.
  6. Can you ride a horse? No. That’s a bucket list item too. I really want to. There are many here and I need to make time for horseback riding insha’Allah. It’s not like it’s not affordable.
  7. One weird thing about yourself? I talk to myself a lot, even in silence my mind just prattles on. Lol!
  8. If you could be a animal what would you be? A turtle or a cat. If not, a hooter or dove.
  9. Last book You read? What was it? I’m currently reading several books and manuscripts. I know I do unheard of multitasking… But to answer your  question, the last book I completed was a children’s book titled ‘A Gift From Jannah’ by Prolance Publishing.
  10. Last movie you watched ? Was it any good? A United Kingdom is the last movie we saw. It was very emotional.
  11. Do you go to the library regularly? Yup! Like clockwork. There is one facing my apartment complex alhamdullilah. Everyday, after I clock out of work from home. My son and I take a stroll around the neighborhood to check the mail. Then we cross the road to go to the library. He plays on the computer while I read a book or check out materials. My first job in the USA was at a library actually. I shelved books, CDs, etc. and I made tons of friends alhamdullilah.

The questions I ask are :

  1. How many women are they in your field of your work at your job?
  2. How do you deal with mean girlfriends?
  3. What is your routine for self-love and pampering?
  4. What is your favorite fruit?
  5. What is favorite your drink?

Nominees : You don’t have to participate if you don’t want to :). Life gets hectic.

My Journey With Hijab



A Gift From Jannah – A Review

Launch Poster A Gift from Jannah

AuthorHira Khan is the creator and founder of BirthKeeper, providing Doula Services in the Toronto area and Prenatal Education to the global Muslim community since 2009.

Illustrator :  Jenny Reynish lives and works near Colchester in Essex, in the UK. She works as a freelance illustrator, having produced illustrations for various publishers of books and magazines in the UK and USA, as well as card designs.


Front Cover

Jannah Front Cover

Thoughts: A Gift From Jannah is a 34 page children’s book  with wonderful illustrations that helps satisfy the curiosity of children about their birth. It uses an easy to follow theist approach to explain the origin of babies without having to recourse to birds and bees talk yet. It’s ingenious and creative. I recommend it to parents who seek an easy answer to give to their younger children who have many questions. We can all agree that it’s really not easy sometimes to explain things to children they might not grasp at a young age.

Please get your copy on the author’s website here.

Rating: 4/5

~I received a free copy for the purpose of this review.~

Jazak’Allah khair for reading,

~A Ducktrinor Mom~


My Coloring Book of Dua’a – A Review

dua front cover

Compiler & Illustrator: Meenu Bharadwaj


Summary: Dua’as for kids! What to say when you wake up until when you sleep! Plus each page is a coloring sheet!

Thoughts: The duas listed in My Coloring Book of Dua’a are very powerful to those who know. I know because my step father is an hafiz who studied at my grandfather’s merdrassa and he taught me several of those duas for my protection. Everyone should know these duas. The coloring pages are a plus to make the learning fun. Coloring is very relaxing to me by the way.

To continue, like the sneak page shows below, first we have the instruction that tell us what the dua is for. Then, we have the Arabic texts which is followed by the English phonetic pronunciation. The transliteration and the source come in fourth and fifth place respectively.

sneak page dua

The good thing about this book is that it comes with a free audio to help with the correct pronunciation. The audio file is listed on the publisher’s site here. Just scroll to the bottom of the page to access it. I highly recommend this book for every day tasks.

Get your copy on Amazon here or on the publisher website here.

Our Rating: 5/5

Jazak’Allah khair for reading,

~A Ducktrinor Mom~

I Will Not Clean My Room – A Review


Author: Saharish Arshad is a freelance children’s writer. She has published numerous short articles and poetry for children in Little Explorers Magazine, a quarterly U.K. based publication for Muslim children. She is currently experimenting with worldschooling her own four munchkins and dreaming up new poems and stories with them.

Illustrator : Elsa Estrada has a Degree in Fine Arts from La Laguna University, Spain, specializing in illustration. She is a London-based graphic designer and illustrator, actively working for over twelve years. Her illustrations represent hours of meticulous work, and the fine detail created is an expression of her dedication and passion.


Summary: Musa’s mom asks him to clean his room. Instead, he decides to imagine all the wonderful things he’s going to do in Jannah. Join him as he dreams away and learns that good deeds are really worth the effort. Part of the My Journey to Jannah Series.

Front Cover


Thoughts: I found I Will Not Clean My Room very creative and lovely. Musa is an adorable red head Muslim boy who is a bit on a challenging side. However, he is very aware of the deen for his young age. Masha’Allah that’s good. As I read the things he rather do than clean his room, I thought I better keep this review copy in a secure place to give to my son when he grows up insha’Allah. When do boys willingly go clean their room? *Laughs* Every mother will relate to Musa’s tale and this is why this book is a must have. When our sons or children tell us they will not do their chores or clean their rooms for instance, we can hand them this copy and stop talking. Books have a powerful effect on people especially when they are well designed with colorful and inviting illustrations like this one. And children tend to listen to third parties like their surrounding rather than their parents. If we give them good books as companions, they will learn a lot more insha’Allah without thinking we’re pressuring them. No one likes that. To end, the book is a symbol of a happy family that strives to help all the members of the family. I really loved the poetic texts. It’s rhythmic in my opinion too. Masha’Allah.

Sneak Peak Page


Get your copy on Amazon here or on the publisher website here.

Rating: 5/5

Jazak’Allah khair for reading,

~A Ducktrinor Mom~

1001 Inventions & Awesome Facts From Muslim Civilization


Author: National Geographic

Chief Editor : Professor Salim Al-Hassani

Publisher : National Geographic Children’s Books

Summary: We often think that people from a thousand years ago were living in the Dark Ages. But from the 7th century onward in Muslim civilization there were amazing advances and inventions that still influence our everyday lives. People living in the Muslim world saw what the Egyptians, Chinese, Indians, Greek, and Romans had discovered and spent the next one thousand years adding new developments and ideas. Inventors created marvels like the elephant water clock, explorers drew detailed maps of the world, women made scientific breakthroughs and founded universities, architects built huge domes larger than anywhere else on earth, astronomers mapped the stars and so much more! This book takes the wining formula of facts, photos, and fun, and applies it to this companion book to the 1001 Inventions exhibit from the Foundation for Science, Technology, and Civilization. Each page is packed with information on this little-known history, but also shows how it still applies to our world today.

Our thoughts: 1001 Inventions and Awesome Facts from Muslim Civilization (National Geographic Kids) is a very concise account of the Muslim civilization thousands of years ago to today’s world. Many harmless things you would classify as bidat because it’s widely done by non-Muslims these days actually came from the Muslim world. It’s a must read. The contribution of Muslim minds and scientists is palpable in almost every field today from surgery to agriculture, from cosmetics to fashion, from entertainment to optics to warfare, you name it! It’s truly revolutionary.

Our Rating: 5/5

Jazak’Allah khair for reading,

~A Ducktrinor Mom~

Hind’s Hands – A Review


Authors : Umm Juwayriyah and Juwayriyah Ayed

Illustrator : Emma Apple

Publisher : As Sabr Publications

What to expect: A patient family dealing with a member who has a challenging disability

Summary: From bestselling author and educator Umm Juwayriyah — a story told by a big sister who learns coping skills to befriend and lead her autistic younger sister. “You see, my sister Hind has Autism. And I know that sounds like a really big word, but it’s not. Autism just means that Allah made her to learn and act and think differently than other kids her age.” In the story Hind’s Hands, big sister Juwayriyah learns just how special her younger sister is, despite the challenging behaviors that she often has to deal with. Author Umm Juwayriyah collaborates with her oldest daughter, Juwayriyah Ayed on this book to help spread awareness about Autism.

Our Thoughts: It’s a challenge to have children with a disability and this book gives an Islamic perspective to Muslim families to go about it. Juwayriyah learns to deal with her sister’s disability with a lot a patience. Kudos to her.

Our Rating : 5/5

Jazak’Allah khair for reading,

~A Ducktrinor Mom~

Jannah Jewels – Book 2 Review


jannah-jewels-2Author:  Umm Nura

Illustrator : Nayzak Al-Hilali

Publisher : Gentle Breeze Books

What to expect: Strong Muslim Girls, Packed Action, Adventure, and Lost Islamic History

Summary: In the second book of the Jannah Jewels Series, the girls are caught and thrown aboard the ship of Zheng He, the famous Chinese Muslim Admiral. Caught in a lightning thunderstorm, they must sail in raging waters to retrieve a rare medicine plant. Can the Jannah Jewels escape the fiery arrows of pirates and make it safely back home?

Our thoughts: This one is also a page turner and the Jannah Jewels meet their antagonist finally; Jaffar. The Chase in China is very exciting and the girls grow to be even more fierce. Jaffar shows himself to be rash, impatient, ill-tempered, and a bully. But the girls are up to the challenge.

Look out for book 3’s review in the series insha’Allah.

Our Rating: 4/5

~A Ducktrinor Mom~

The Princess and the Good Deed – A Review


Authors:  Umm Juwayriyah & Juwayriyah Ayed

Illustrator : F.A.Ibrahim

Publisher : As Sabr Publications

What to expect: ‘an original Islamic fairy tale of kindness, friendship, and animal rights!’

Our Thoughts: The Princess and the Good Deed is a lovely book about being charitable and expecting our rewards from the Creator. It will teach children to have manners, to be charitable toward humans, animals, and the environment. It also gives a good sense of community involvement. In all, it also shows the elegance of Princess Juwayriyah.

Our Rating : 4/5

Buy on Amazon here.


Jazak’Allah khair for reading,

~A Ducktrinor Mom~

Jannah Jewels – Book 1 Review


Author:  Umm Nura

Illustrator : Nayzak Al-Hilali

Publisher : Gentle Breeze Books

What to expect: Strong Muslim Girls, Packed Action, Adventure, and Lost Islamic History

Summary: The Jannah Jewels land in the ancient city of Timbuktu in Mali. Suddenly, they are caught in the middle of a mystery. Someone has stolen a priceless manuscript! While following clues, they find the Grand Mosque and discover the Treasure King. Who exactly is the Treasure King and can the Jannah Jewels restore the missing manuscript into a Golden Clock before time runs out?

Our thoughts: The Treasure of Timbuktu is a page turner that entertains readers (young and old) as it sheds lost Islamic history with them.

The main characters include Hidayah, Jaide, Iman, and Sara.

Hidayah can be called the lead of the group. She has good vision and a strong sense of spirituality that helps her guide the Jannah Jewels. Hidayah is a skilled archer too. I love that because I did some archery in college.

Jaide is the artist of group. She is a racer and has a skateboard. Jaide like me loves to eat. She is always hungry!

Iman is the walking encyclopedia and also resonated with me. I love her style too; it’s similar to mine with long cardigans and long flowing skirts. I wear glasses when I’m not wearing contact lenses ; ).

Finally, Sara is the environmentalist of the group. She is also a great swimmer. I loved that she is green. Recycling is a big part of my life alhamdullilah.

So all the characters resonated with me and the fact that their deen empowers them to solve mysteries is amazing. There is this idea that in fiction it’s okay to have characters have some mysterious power we don’t know the source of. And that’s ‘okay’ to believe that as long as it’s unknown. Then it’s ‘cool’. But when the source is clearly stated like it comes from Allah and His might allows us to reach more than our full potential, then such powers become scary and even preachy. It’s even considered utterly unbelievable when as believers we know the power of dua.

Anyways, I didn’t find the religious inclusions preachy at all and enjoyed reading the resourcefulness of these four brave characters.

Look out for the reviews of the next eight books in the series insha’Allah.

Our Rating: 4/5

Jazak’Allah khair for reading,

~A Ducktrinor Mom~