A Review of Some Picture Books About the Quran

Assalamu aleikum!

Quran picture books Reviews

1. My First Quran Book & Coloring Book by Shereen Sharief

Summary: Often children memorise Surah after Surah of the Quran without knowing even it’s simple meanings and we as parents find it difficult to explain it to them. With the help of this picture book your children will be able to read Juz Amma in Arabic and instantly know the simple meaning of the verses through engaging illustrations. It will help your children visualise the simple meanings of the verses which will later make the Tafsir and the explanations of the verses easier for them to grasp. This bright and colourful book will also help make memorising the Quran much more fun and enjoyable for them.

Review: The picture book is aimed at children 7+. The illustrations are descriptive and show no faces. The verses of Juz Amma from the Holy Quran are always written in Arabic and in English. At times, the tafsir of some of the surahs are also included. My son enjoyed flipping through the pages of the picture book and then coloring the supporting and accompanying coloring book. There are a lot of information in the picture book, and I’m tempted to say that it’s almost inclusive about the details one needs to know about Juz Amma. To go back to my little reader, I had to teach him the adab and fiqh required in our madhab while handling these two books as these rules are not universal and differ within the ummah. Anyway, alhamdullilah, my son is a good listener and he complied. Masha’Allah. Overall, we recommend these two books to Muslim parents.

Rating : 5/5

2. My First Book about the Qur’an by Sara Khan

Summary: Inside this board book, toddlers and young children will find out about the Qur’an’s beautiful teachings: to care for all creation; to respect the books of God; to be good to one another; and to believe in Allah, the Creator. Stunning illustrations, full of color, bring the pages to life and the carefully written text is simple, easy to understand, and suitable to be read aloud. It also features some facts about the Qur’an and common questions children might ask, such as: what does the word “Qur’an” actually mean?

Review: This is a lesser concentrated version of the Quran book mentioned above dealing Juz Amma. Khan’s book summarizes the golden maxims of the whole Quran with short paragraphs or sentences for younger readers instead. Some of the illustrations might raise a few eyebrows because of their execution but overall, it’s a good illustrated read.

Rating : 4/5


You can find all three of them on Amazon.

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