Little Blue Skater Boy & Imagine by Shoohada Khanom

“My best part in the book. According to Muhammad Ali, ” The man who has no imagination has no wings.” Nusaybah, Struggles with my Nafs

Nusaybah's Musings 💕

Assalamu alaikum warahmatuLlah wabaratuHu 😊

So anyone that knows me, knows how much I love reading books. If a book looks interesting enough (yes, I judge books by their covers sometimes) regardless of genre or even the intended audience, I’d pick up and read.

Can you imagine my happiness getting two books to review? Yay, life! 💃

Alright, BismiLlah 💓


Two awesome children books by Shoohada Khanom out for the world to enjoy !

Little Blue Skater Boy.

Publisher: Djarabi Kitabs Publishing

Illustrators : Mariana Marangoni and Gillian Tolentino

” When Isa is asked to take biriyani to his Nanni’s house, some one decides to jump out at him and then tag along. A re-telling of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ with many twists. ”


I absolutely LOVED this story. What makes this book different from every other retelling is that it is ISLAMIC.

Need I say more ?

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