Eight Children Books I Recommend



Build Your Arabic Vocabulary series is by Dr. Alia Khaled .The series is composed of four books : Arabic Letters, Arabic Numbers, Colors in Arabic, and Shapes in Arabic.

The One is a 32 page children’s book in The Fundamental Series of Author Manaal Jafrey-Razaque. It’s definitely about fundamental education to inculcate to our Muslim children the presence of Allah even if they don’t see Him. The book strives to show children that the signs of the Creator are all around us and that is enough to take heed and believe in His ubiquitous presence.

I’m so angry : In the Gulzar’s home, life is beautiful. Huthayfah wants to go to the park alone but wise Mommy wants to bring the whole bunch on this trip and after she is at a good stopping point with her daily homeschooling activities in the house.

I Can Wear Hijab Anywhere is a 15 page children’s book aimed to children 3  to 5 years of age. We love that it’s inclusive of all races and a booster read to young Muslim girls who would love to wear hijab. The texts are simple and the illustrations are well done. I recommend it to Muslim parents.

I Can Say Bismillah Anywhere is about 15 pages and it will help children young children get in the habit of saying “bismillah” before any activity. They will come to feel empowered by it and not feel shame insha’Allah.

Sleep in God’s Protection gives both the child and the parent an assurance that God will protect them during the night. About 26 pages, it’s also an interfaith children’s book because the foundation of Sleep in God’s Protection lays upon Abraham’s (aleihi salam) prayers to Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) for the safety of his children – Ishmael and Isaac).

Sadeeqi 3 is a 40 page activity book with a plethora of activities for Muslim children. For instance, it includes insightful stories, coloring pages, some enigma cases to solve, lickety letters to unscramble, word searches, mazes with an Islamic concept, number pattern exercises, connect the dots activities, tongue twisters, recipes for food and to make playdough, Arabic sudoku, etc, etc.

A Cat and Mouse Pact : When Matt, the orange tabby cat, sees Millie, the little gray mouse, he can’t decide between being mean or nice. After all, he must catch any mouse who sneaks inside the neat red brick house of old Mrs. Krouse. Millie pleads for a slice of cheese. Matt listens and thinks. They make a cat and mouse pact, build a friendship and become pals. From beginning to end, children and adults will be intrigued by the book’s message, the enchanting creatures, and the vivid imagery. Book’s message: Resolve issues peacefully!

Thank you reading,

~A Ducktrinor Mom~



  1. Papatia · January 19, 2017

    Reblogged this on Between Sisters, SVP!.


  2. Um Ibrahim · January 20, 2017

    Love this list of books! InshaaAllah must get these for my boys. I always love children’s books recommendations because it saves me the time of reading them to decided whether it’s a good book the children will love or not.

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    • Papatia · January 22, 2017

      Ah masha’Allah, I’m glad to know that! Jazakh’Allah khair 🙂 sis for supporting heir work


  3. Sumaira Z (themuslimahmommy) · February 6, 2017

    Wonderful! JazakAllah khayr for sharing this awesome list with us! 🙂

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