Sadeeqi 3 – A Review


Authors:  The 3rd year female students of Darul Khair – Madrassah Aisha Siddiqah

Description: Darul Khair- Madrassah Aishah Siddiqah is a South African Islamic school whose third year students decided to write fun Islamic activity books to raise money to get books for their library.

This title ‘brings you yet another exciting, stimulating Islamic activity book. It will keep your child occupied while immersing them in wonderful activities. It is a fun Islamic alternative to other less than savoury sources of entertainment, like television etc. and an interesting source of both secular and Islamic Knowledge. It appeals to children with activities like spot the differences, crosswords, mazes and colour-ins…’

Price: R 20.00 or $1.50

Age: 8 years old +

Review: Sadeeqi 3 is a 40 page activity book with a plethora of activities for Muslim children. For instance, it includes insightful stories, coloring pages, some enigma cases to solve, lickety letters to unscramble, word searches, mazes with an Islamic concept, number pattern exercises, connect the dots activities, tongue twisters, recipes for food and to make playdough, Arabic sudoku, etc, etc.

Below is a sneak peek page: 


I really liked this activity book except for the swooping assumptions toward the Jews and the effect of watching television.

True, the Jews did Muslims wrong but not all of them did and I think we should teach our children that part. Because many people make swooping accusations toward the ummah when only some bad apples created a huge mess for all of us to apologize for.

To continue, Television is a great fitna for our children but at the same time, there is a way to get a handle on it.

Nonetheless, Sadeeqi 3 is a great companion for children to have. Darul Khair also sells Sadeeqi 1 and 2 for very affordable prices at R10 each or $0.80 each.

You can get your copies by contacting them at:
Tel: 036 635 3136 | Cell: 073 750 0030

Our Rating : 4/5

Jazak’Allah khair for reading,


~A Ducktrinor Mom~



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