Fast Not Food

Fast Not Food by Jameela Ho
Author: Jameela Ho
Illustrator: InikamiEDU
Age: 2-5 year olds
Format: Kindle
Summary : Learn some shapes with Omar and Ehsan as they try not to eat during their fast in Ramadan.
This is a book I found  particular cute and true. Omar is a food lover and during his fasting period, he experiences food mirages; hallucinations. The shapes of the food he sees are mainly square, triangle and circle. His cousin Ehsan on the other hand keeps him in check throughout the day by helping him snap out of it and make better choices; read Qur’an to make the time goes faster.
Fast not food 1
My rating: 5/5
Thank you for reading,
~A Ducktrinor Mom~
*I received a free copy*

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