A Dress For Eid


A Dress For Eid Jameela Ho
Author: Jameela Ho
Ilustrator: InikamiEDU
Format: Kindle eBook
Age: 2-5 years old
Summary : Learn the colours with Ruqayya and Rabeah as they decorate a dress for Eid.
Our thoughts: Ruqayya and Rabbeah are two crafty little Muslimah who will help teach your children colors like white, pink, black, yellow, blue, red, orange, purple and green. They also work with shapes like stars, ribbons, circles and half circles, hearts, and flower symbols.
A dress for eid 1
You can download the following printables on the Author website for your young children.
Learning Colours Activity Book_Page_01 Free Printable Colour Book Download 2
My rating: 4.5/5
Thank you for reading,
~A Ducktrinor Mom~
*I received a free copy*

Fast Not Food

Fast Not Food by Jameela Ho
Author: Jameela Ho
Illustrator: InikamiEDU
Age: 2-5 year olds
Format: Kindle
Summary : Learn some shapes with Omar and Ehsan as they try not to eat during their fast in Ramadan.
This is a book I found  particular cute and true. Omar is a food lover and during his fasting period, he experiences food mirages; hallucinations. The shapes of the food he sees are mainly square, triangle and circle. His cousin Ehsan on the other hand keeps him in check throughout the day by helping him snap out of it and make better choices; read Qur’an to make the time goes faster.
Fast not food 1
My rating: 5/5
Thank you for reading,
~A Ducktrinor Mom~
*I received a free copy*

Parenting Guides and Some!


Muslim Parenting Journal: The Journal  is about 42 pages. It includes plenty of space for you to write down the way you will implement your parenting skills after it gives you hadiths sherif, quotes or proverbs for each of the 19 strategies of better parenting. This is also a great writing prompt for parents to reflect on past and future actions.

Fitra Journal Volume 1 Issue 1: Whether you are a seasoned homeschooler or just curious about this educational option for your children, Fitra Journal offers a community of Muslim homeschoolers’ experiences so that we may travel this less-worn path together, in sha Allah. Our diverse contributors hail from both Muslim and nonMuslim-majority countries and have experienced a wide variety of homeschooling styles. The journal publishes personal accounts, methodology explanations, resource reviews and a bounty of general homeschooling information and ideas, always from a deen-centered perspective. Volume 1, Issue 1 – ‘Getting Started’ has several articles that are especially helpful for beginning and organizing your homeschooling lifestyle, such as budget planning, curriculum breakdowns, advice for reluctant parents and solid self-care tips to avoid burnout. We also hear from children who are homeschooled, a single-parent, homeschoolers in Pakistan and Morocco, and a mother of a child with Dyslexia.

The Shapes of Eid According To Me: From curvy crescents and swirly swirls to ovals, triangles and spheres, Eid is filled with shapes that are your very own. Follow this rhyming story of the many shapes of this special day.

How To Guide Children’s Behavior (From an Islamic Perspective): of about 37 pages goes deeper and coaches us on how to act and say things to our children. It makes us realize that it’s not what we say that have an impact on our children. It’s how and the way we say it. 

parenting 1

Fitra Journal Volume 1 Issue 2 : Whether you are homeschooling temporarily or longterm, the Fitra Journal has brought together an international community of homeschoolers to provide you with the support and how-to for one of the most difficult tasks you will ever undertake. Written by Muslim homeschoolers for Muslim homeschoolers, the Fitra Journal uniquely addresses the issues we are most concerned about – striving to provide our children with both an academic as well as Islamic education, raising well-rounded, and deen-centered people. This issue of the quarterly publication includes: • How to build healthy boundaries with your children. • Deschooling explained. • Guiding Muslim children to responsibly use the internet. • The ins and outs of using technology in home education. • Worldschooling from your sofa. • One homeschooler’s experiences after high school and on to university.

The Guide Your Child’s Behavior Workbook is about 27 pages and it will give you many tips before you resort to corporal punishment if must go there as a parent.

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~A Ducktrinor Mom~