Naiya in Nature – A Kid Yoga Book Review


Author: Shazia Latif

Illustrator : Palalee Puru

Publisher : Prolance

What to expect: A Relaxed Mind, Serenity, and Inner Peace

Summary:  When Naiya wakes up to her busy, loud surroundings, she decides to escape into nature! In this book, Naiya teaches you seven beginner yoga poses, to breathe and, most importantly, to smile!


Naiya in Nature is a children’s book that I enjoyed reading with my son. It awoke the child in me as I love nature and peace of mind. We dusted off my yoga mat and we attempted to do yoga as mother and son. It was a bonding activity for sure alhamdullilah.

Naiya in Nature is about 24 pages and the drawings are absolutely beautiful and cute masha’Allah. The text is also easy to read. As we read, we also realize that not only us, parents, get stressed from our surrounding due to our daily responsibilities. Children also do and they need an outlet to stay happy children. And Naiya the main character of the book overcomes her unwelcomed feelings by loosing herself in nature and practicingeasy yoga moves.

I recommend Naiya in Nature to both parents and children alike because yoga is a fun relaxing activity.

Get your copy on Amazon here or on the Author’s website.

P.S. You can read more on Yoga and Islam here.



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