My pearl braceletLet me tell you the story of this bracelet. I went to a department store a few months ago looking for a yellow plaid long sleeve shirt. I combed the store for this shirt and zilch! When I decided to give up and head out, my eyes landed on the famous shirt by the door. Excited, I made a beeline for the cash register. As I waited for my turn while my insides were jubilating, I spotted the gem. I snatched it right away but only to realize that it didn’t have a price tag. Crushed, I took it anyway and hoped that the cashier could work some magic and sell it to me. When my turn came after all the long line of high schoolers, he informed me that he couldn’t sell it to me. I was bummed. I tried to push the envelope by suggesting he scanned a similar product so that I can purchase it but his answer remained, ‘No.’ Sad, I bought my shirt and left to rejoin the hubby and the baby patiently waiting for me outside the store. We browsed the mall until we got home. I emptied the contents of my bags on the clean carpet and lo and behold, here she was! The precious pearl that had caught my eye a few hours earlier. I jumped in glee and recounted the story to the man of the house who didn’t get it. That didn’t spoil my excitement . I was happy and blessed the cashier tons! I have been wearing that bracelet regularly because it’s flattering and doesn’t show when I wear under my clothes. It stays hugged to my wrist and never slides up and down. It stays concealed and beautifies me from the inside. At least that’s how I see it. Today I was tried and didn’t feel like digging my tasbih out of my purse to do some dhikr. I just removed the bracelet on a hunch and counted the beads . 33 beads! Subhanallah , this is amazing. I counted it again a second time just to be sure. And a third time. I know, I could have had my regular tasbih in my hands while I was counting these beads to double check myself. Guess what, from now on, if I’m outside, it will be my tasbih. I did a few laps of stigfar on it and alhamdullilah I’ve never felt so liberated and ‘serendipitous’!


  1. Papatia · February 7, 2016

    Reblogged this on Between Sisters, SVP! and commented:

    My pleasant surprise alhamdullilah 🙂


  2. revels1 · February 7, 2016

    Whoa that’s amazing subhanallah!

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    • Papatia · February 7, 2016

      I know right! 🙂 Now I know the pear is priceless and He created everything to say His Most Glorious Names! xx ^_^ Subhanallah!

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  3. noorainsobiya · February 7, 2016

    Hehehehe… What a beautiful post! And what an Allhumdulilah beautiful coincidence, for it to have 33 beads 😱😱😱😍😍

    The joy Allah swt blesses us with, even in the minutest of the things! Subhanaallah!!

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    • Papatia · February 7, 2016

      Exactly! I found a priceless pearl (I know… so cheesy but true!) And everything was made to worship him ;), hehe. Masha’Allah!

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      • noorainsobiya · February 8, 2016

        Allhumdulilah yes! Even your cheesiness is awesome 😍😍

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      • Papatia · February 8, 2016

        Haha! Thx :), xoxo!


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